At Premier Satellite Communications Inc., we take pride in the quality of our work. Our success can only be measured by the end product and your happiness with it. We understand what it takes to fulfill a quality project, which is why we are the business you can trust. Whether it's home automation setup, audio systems, lighting control systems, home theater setup, security cameras, wifi systems, and more, we'll ensure it's everything you need.

At PSC, all of our customers are treated as the most important asset of our company. That is how we have found success, and that is how we plan to treat you for any of the numerous projects we can fulfill!

Design & Consultation

Design & Consultation

Whether it's something as complicated as your home automation setup or mounting a TV on the wall, there’s risk in doing it wrong. For example, mounting a TV sounds simple enough, but it needs to be positioned so it won’t eventually tear down the wall. Depending on the room's structure and what lies behind it, a location may not be safe. That’s where we come in.

Your project should never leave you with damages to fix. In case you run into issues with home theater setup and security camera installations, our professionals know how to manage them. This way, you can ensure that whatever you put on your walls stays there.

So whether you're automating a new home, building your home theater, or just setting up the lights, planning is important. We’ll utilize the right gear, find the best space allocation, perform the correct wiring, and bring the acoustical treatments you need. Let us walk you through this process and offer our expertise in helping you build your perfect system.

Audio Systems

Design & Consultation

Why settle for what only your TV’s audio systems can offer? You should have the best when watching TV, listening to music, or playing video games. You can when you have a quality audio system. We have experience working with multiple audio systems. This includes 2-Channel systems, turntables systems, Dolby atmos systems, and whole-house audio.

We also make sure to make it as easy to control as possible. You won’t have to run back and forth, turning dials and clambering through remotes. Our audio systems designs are intuitive and seamless. They run on the same principle as our home automation systems, which makes life easier.

Our team will inspect your home and help you decide what system will work best for you. Let us help you experience your entertainment hobbies as you’ve never experienced them before.

Home Automation

Design & Consultation

Home automation is the future, but home automation setup is a hassle. It’s a massive undertaking to connect and control various electronics in your home from your mobile device. That’s why you should get our experienced team to assist.

We’ll save you time and energy, eliminate wall clutter, make it safe, and most importantly, make it easy to use. All of our automation will be available from the touchscreen or mobile devices. With them, you can control everything from the lighting control systems to the audio systems, air conditioning, shades, security cameras, pool and spa, and all the devices you would like to integrate into your system.

Optionally, you may control your home or office through custom apps on iPhone, iPad, Android, or any web-connected computer. Making automation as easy as possible means making everything work with what’s easiest for you.

Lighting Control Systems

Design & Consultation

A home's new lighting control system is one of the simplest and most underrated features of a home automation setup. Lighting control systems allow you to control the lights in your house from an app. You don’t have to get up while in the middle of a show, dinner, or resting in your bed to flick a light switch.

You’re being effective by eliminating activities that only waste time and energy. You don’t realize how much time you spend on small things like checking to see if the lights are on until you can do it from your phone, touchscreen, or a keypad on the wall.

Lighting control systems come in multiple different shapes and sizes as well. Our team can help add to the ambiance of a room with your specifications. You can have custom lighting for a variety of occasions.

Dedicated Home Theater & Media Rooms

Design & Consultation

With the rising costs of going to the movies, why not spend the money and time making a home theater instead? You can have the surround sound experience of a big screen in the privacy of your own home. The theater experience no longer has to be exclusive to a movie theater.

If you need a large quality screen for non-entertainment purposes, our experts with experience in a home theater setup can also create media rooms to match your office’s needs. You don’t have to be cramped around a screen or struggle with an outdated projector. We can provide you with a media screen that will allow you to capture the attention of your team and business partners.

Most people love the experience of going to a movie theater to catch the latest new release or to a sports bar to watch the biggest games. Offices rely on large screens for important presentations regularly. Let us bring a quality big-screen experience to your home or workplace! We specialize in mid to high-level home theater and media room designs. We will work with you every step to ensure you get exactly what you want and need.


Design & Consultation

Not every internet company provider in your area has the fastest internet or the most reliable services, but we can help change that for your business or household. Does your business’s network environment need to be better? Some tools and products can improve availability, reliability, and performance. If you want it for your home, we can improve your internet speeds just as well.

PSC improves your internet and network solutions with high-speed internet, extending the Wi-Fi range in your home, optimizing your WAN capabilities, and routing and switching your internet service devices. Whether you are starting from scratch or have an existing network solution, PSC has implementations that can help you.

Surveillance Systems

Design & Consultation

You never know when someone could want to trespass or damage your property. Everyone should take precautions, even with basic surveillance systems with only security cameras. Every step goes a long way in protecting your home or business.

Adding indoor or outdoor surveillance cameras to your home or business is a practical and economical way to protect and secure it. Have peace of mind knowing that your home or business is secure by accessing live and recorded footage via your mobile device.

PSC can assist you in designing and installing surveillance systems in both residential and commercial locations that are the perfect fit for your monitoring needs.

Commercial Office & Boardrooms


Big and large presentations aren’t strategies that every business uses. We can design a commercial office or boardroom for you if you require something more personal or specific. We’ll use our experience in automation, audio systems, and lighting control to create a boardroom for you. The ease of use and integrated technology in a boardroom can make a significant impression on your clients and coworkers.

Let us design and build the perfect pitch room for you and your team.

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