Lighting Control System

Isn’t it one of the worst things to waste time making sure you turned off all of the lights? How often have you forgotten and groaned to yourself because you know you’ll see it on your electric bill? It would be so much easier if you could just hit a button on your phone or universal remote, and suddenly all the lights in your house turn off. That’s possible with a lighting control system for your home.

No more asking yourself if you turned off the kitchen lights or lights on the front porch. With a lighting control system, you never have to leave your room or go back home to make sure all the lights are off.

Lighting Control System

What Do Lighting Control Systems Do?

Lighting control systems use the same technology as other home automation systems we install. It utilizes this technology to make it easy to access all of your devices from one place. You can control your lights from an app on your phone or a universal remote. You can also get the app on tablets, add touch screen controls replace to your light switches, or replace your switches with touch screens entirely.

It works like other home automation technology. You can turn off the lights with it the same way you can turn off the TV in another room. The technology that connects all of your devices is also sophisticated enough to let you control your lights even from afar. If you’re using the app, you turn off any lights you forgot to turn off after you left your home.

Also, if your lights have a dimming feature, you can control that from your app or universal remote as well. More and more people have been adding this home automation feature to their houses over the last few years, and if it works for so many others, it can work for you too.

How are Lighting Control Systems Installed?

A lighting control system is installed the same way as other home automation systems. Depending on what you want to go with, your lighting control system setup can be done with wireless or hardwired systems.

What’s the Difference Between Wireless and Hardwired Systems?

Wireless systems don’t require as much installation time as hardwired systems. Most of the work is done directly to the devices. In this case, this would be your current lighting system. They also connect to each other through your internet WiFi, so if that isn’t terribly strong, or it goes out consistently, a hardwired system might be better.

Hardwired systems are less likely to be affected if something goes wrong with your internet. They also run smoother and more consistently.

If your internet has issues, but your phone has its own connection, you should still be able to connect to the app with either type of automation. If you are away from your house, your app should still connect to a hardwired system.

The Power of Home Automation

Lighting control systems are one of the simplest ways you can utilize home automation. It shows off the ease of use and the interconnectivity of being able to control your home from one place. Once you see how easy it is to control your lights from one place, you can imagine how much easier home life would be if you automated other things.

Home automation goes beyond controlling your lights. It can include controlling your:

  • TV screens
  • Audio systems
  • Security cameras
  • temperature controls
  • Electric fireplaces
  • Even the drapes!
  • And more!

While homes are where these features are most popular, you can also have them installed in your place of business. Imagine being the last person to leave your office but you still need to turn off all the lights. That can be done with the click of a button, even from your car if you forget.

Let PSC Handle Your Lighting Control System Installation

Home automation is all about making life easier at home, and lighting control systems do that. You can trust Premier Satellite Communications to install a home lighting control system that will make your life easier. You won’t have to suffer any damage to your house or worry about turning off the lights again.

A light control system setup is only the beginning of what home automation can do, and what PSC can install for you. Contact us today so you know your lighting control system will be installed right.

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