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Premier Satellite Communications provides installation and setup services to residential homes, commercial businesses, and work offices. This includes home theater installation, network upgrades or repairs, surveillance cameras, and home automation.

We complete installations and setups for workplace locations, residential units, and buildings in the middle of a new construction or remodel. Our team of professionals is more than happy to work with your current partners to ensure you have everything you want.

To make it simple and easy for us to work for different clients and partners across different properties, we use a three-step process to provide a quality end product: installation, setup, and automation.

1. Installation

If your home, business, or office isn't already compatible with the system you want, we'll work with you and the building's contractor to find a solution. For example, a home theater installation requires a sound wall structure, deliberate platforming, and internal wirings. If you don't already have a centralized location in your building or home for all your low voltage wiring, we can figure out where it can work best or work to make a spot that will work.

We also provide installation services beyond home theaters. We can install security cameras if you need added protection and surveillance for your office, business, or home. We can install a lighting control system if you need a new and improved lighting system to complete your work or turn off all the lights from one room. Then, once it’s all installed, we don’t leave you to figure out how to make it all work. After installation comes setup.

2. Setup

If you want to complete your next big project and have your home fully automated, we are the professionals you are looking for. Once we install all the components your project needs, we'll set it up and show you how it works. It includes learning how to use every device in your home and how they all operate on your control app.
When we're all finished with your project, you should be able to look at your computer or mobile device and see through your security camera, for example. Or, you should be able to turn on your home theater and turn off the lights from your dedicated touchscreen or mobile device.

We're not done if you can't immediately use the project you hired us to add to your building, office, or home. After everything is set up, we can provide another service that unifies your home or workspace. If you have similar services installed or need us to provide multiple services at once, we can bring them together through home automation.

3. Automation

The ability to control everything from the lights, to your sound systems, to your security cameras, to your home theaters, to your pool & spa, to your thermostat, etc., from one device alone makes life easier. That’s what technology is supposed to do. Still, home automation can be so tricky and challenging for inexperienced home and business owners to set up that it becomes impossible to do it. We can take that difficulty on ourselves.

Premier Satellite Communications can connect your home so that you can control all your home devices through a tablet, iPad, touchscreen, or custom apps on your smartphone. Many aspects of your home or office can be automated once we perform a consultation. Contact us if you’re unsure how to make life easier for your family or your business location.


Premier Satellite Communications prides itself on the projects we’ve completed for our many different clients. To see how satisfied our previous clients are with our home theater installation projects, home automation setups, and more, read our reviews below or visit them on Yelp, Google, or Home Advisor/Angi’s List.

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