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There aren’t many people who don’t love listening to music while they’re doing something at home. Whether it be cleaning, cooking, or just hanging out, you or someone in your home is playing music. What if you could have music play throughout your whole house, and control it from an app on your phone? That’s called a home audio system, and Premier Satellite Communications can install a system in your home for you.

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What is a Home Audio System Setup?

A home audio system includes wireless and/or wired speakers being installed in multiple rooms. The wireless ones are usually put into the ceiling, while the wired ones are best when paired with a device like a TV screen or home theater. You can control either type from your phone or universal remote. Older audio systems only offered big speakers in every room, with a bunch of wires plugged into the wall. This system didn’t produce the same quality or consistent sound throughout each room, unlike what we can have today.

Soundwaves reverberate off surfaces, so it doesn't sound so good when you have speakers that are likely to bounce sound off several surfaces before reaching you. With this sound system setup, you can have speakers for your music, podcasts, TV, and movies positioned perfectly, from the best angles. This reduces how many things soundwaves can hit before they get to your ears, helping you hear higher-quality music and sound effects. If you have a TV or a movie room, it may be better to have the speakers on either side of the screen, which we can also do.

The one drawback is that this kind of audio system installation isn’t something you should do yourself, but that’s how PSC can help. We are well equipped and experienced with installing different home audio systems. We won’t damage your property, and when we’re done, you’ll have an audio system setup that changes how you listen to your devices at home.

What Are All the Types of Home Audio System Setups?

There are three types of wireless home audio systems that we can install for you: 2-channel audio, amplification audio, and hi-fi audio. They each have their specific strengths and costs to consider. If you want to focus on sound system setups for your TV screens and home theater rather than music, you can. You can also mix and match if your home allows. We can recommend options after a consultation.

  • 2-channel audio: This system is most common when the speakers are connected to a TV screen or home theater. A 2-channel audio system works to hit each ear by placing a speaker to target your left ear and your right ear. With this, your speakers would be on both sides of your screen, or on the walls to the left and right of the viewer as they face the screen.
  • Amplification audio: This system works best when you want a sound to be heard through the whole house, this is perfect for music and podcasts. All sound systems use audio amplifiers, but the default amplifier is just to make audio something the human ear can hear. In an amplification system, the speakers that go into the walls boost the sound so it can permeate through the home. The speakers work in tandem so you hear serene music throughout the home. With this system, you wouldn’t have to put in as many speakers, because the fewer you have are more powerful.
  • Hi-fi audio: Hi-fi is short for high fidelity. Hi-fi speakers produce the highest quality of sounds for any occasion. Music, podcasts, televisions, and movies sound better through hi-fi speakers that produce audio frequencies with little distortion. Every speaker has a little distortion, but hi-fi audio systems have the least. Audio systems that use hi-fi audio can use a targeted 2-channel setup or a ceiling set up like amplification audio.

PSC Can Handle Your Audio System Installation

Having music, a podcast, or even the sounds from your TV going through your home is becoming increasingly popular. As we upgrade our houses into smart homes, audio system automation is the next step. The best way to understand what all the hype is about is to experience it for yourself.

All you need to do is contact us today, so you know everything will be installed correctly. We’ll go over the details, set up a site visit, and talk with you about what you need and what you want to have in your home. When you’re our client, you’re the most important asset that we care for.

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