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A break-in happens every 26 seconds in the United States. When someone thinks they can get away with stealing, breaking and entering, or any other kind of theft, why wouldn’t they? To protect yourself, your family, and everything you’ve worked for, you need something to protect your property. You can’t be home all the time to protect your home yourself. In fact, most break-ins happen between 12:30 PM and 2:30 PM to avoid people who come home for lunch. The best solution are Premier Satellite Communications security cameras for home surveillance.

To prevent break-ins, you need something that will let would-be burglars know they will get caught. Premier Satellite Communications security cameras and surveillance systems are affordable ways to do that. They let you see all the entry points of your home, and even if someone breaks in, you have them on camera. Having footage of the break-in helps law enforcement catch the thief, and helps you report the break-in to your home insurance provider. This is how you can protect yourself, your family, and your property without risking your life.

Premier Satellite Communications has a lot of experience installing security cameras for surveillance systems. When we install them around your property, you can rest easy knowing they will see everything you need them to. Home security is no joke. When someone knows they won’t get away with stealing from you, they'll think twice before breaking in.

Security Cameras / Surveillance Systems

What Kind of Security Cameras Do We Offer?

There are several different types of Premier Satellite Communications security cameras that we offer for our surveillance systems. Depending on the kind you want or need, we can install them inside or outside your home. We can also set up surveillance systems for businesses.

Indoor Cameras

Inside your home, we can install cameras in your ceiling or the corners of rooms. The cameras that go in the ceiling can look like smoke or carbon monoxide monitors rather than cameras. Others will try to blend in with the color of your ceiling. These are perfect for catching thieves who think they can spot Premier Satellite Communications security cameras. It’s likely they won’t see this one or will think it's a smoke monitor.

Other cameras can be obvious, but that’s not always a bad thing. Corner cameras are perfect for deterring someone who's already broken in from stealing. It shows a would-be thief that if they steal something before law enforcement arrives, you already know what they look like, how they got in, and which way they went.

Outdoor Cameras

There are several types of outdoor cameras. There are ones that connect to your house and are powered by your home. There are others that can run on batteries so they can go in sheds, trees, or hard-to-reach places in your home. Together, they create a surveillance system where you can keep track of all movement around your property.

Of all outdoor cameras, the most popular is the doorbell camera. Doorbell cameras go on your front door, right above or attached to your doorbell. They let you see who is approaching your door at all times. This means these Premier Satellite Communications surveillance cameras are good for more than just break-ins. You can protect yourself from answering the door and meeting someone you don’t want to see.

Also, because they’re eye-level and look directly at the person in front of your home, you can easily capture their face. Other cameras typically have to look at an angle, but not the doorbell camera. With a doorbell camera, you’ll never be surprised when you open the door. If your doorbell rings or you hear a knock, you can check who it is before you go to answer it. You can avoid a number of serious situations with one camera.

For Businesses

We can help you establish a surveillance system that will help you keep track of everyone who enters your building. This will allow you to protect your employees, tools, and products. We can also recommend security cameras and camera positions that will allow you to surveil employees and customers. This can help you track theft, employee misbehavior, troublesome customers, and more in your store or office location(s).

How Do Premier Satellite Communications Surveillance Cameras Work?

Depending on the Premier Satellite Communications surveillance cameras you want and whether you have or want to install a smart home, you can use your cameras. You can see the footage from your computer with a direct feed, but we recommend using your phone. You can also use an app we can install and show you how to use.

Premier Satellite Communications Security Cameras Will Make You Feel Safe

Poorly installed security cameras will fail you when you need them most. Premier Satellite Communications takes pride in completing projects that will help keep our clients safe. We’ll meet for a consultation, recommend cameras and locations that would work well in your home, and then we can start installing them. So you have a surveillance system that keeps you, your family, and your property safe, contact PSC to install it in your home.

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