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At Premier Satellite Communications we will work with you to design and build the home theater system that compliments your lifestyle. We will match your needs with top-of-the-line audio and video equipment and create the perfect multimedia room.

It also helps that thanks to improvements in tech 4k screens look and sound better than most movie theaters. Most movie theaters use 2k screens, which is a lower quality resolution than what you can get for your living room or a home movie theater installation. Within the privacy of your own bedroom, living room, or home theater, you can hear the surround sound magic that gets lost in a big theater full of people and noise from other movies.

But how do you make it look great too? It’s not easy to hide all the wires and plugs that connect a mounted TV to the surround sound systems and other features of a Premier Satellite Communications home theater. That’s why you want experts who will make your home theater setup and/or mounted TV look clean and organized. Premier Satellite Communications are the experts who install your TVs for you and make it look like the TV was always a part of your home.

Home Theater Setup is the New Premier Viewing Experience

Home Theater

For some people, home theaters having a better resolution than movie theaters proves that home theaters provide a better viewing experience, but that’s not all. Getting a movie theater installation right at home naturally offers a ton of features you just can’t get by leaving your home.

How often has a film experience been ruined for you by someone else in the theater? Or because you had to step out and miss some of the film? With a home theater system installation from PSC, you have the privacy to avoid distractions or pause your viewing experience for important distractions in life.

Premier Satellite Communications home theaters also aren’t limited only to movies. How great would it be to watch your favorite TV programming, sports events, and streaming shows on the best screen possible? You’ll get to hear every huge explosion, see every touchdown, and every other TV event in greater detail than ever before. With all the streaming services that can be installed on these TV screens, you’ll never be starved for something to watch.

In the long run, with movie tickets only rising in price and home theater installation dropping in cost, home theaters are a better investment than ever. Premier Satellite Communications will ensure everything is set up perfectly in your home.

What is Included in a Home Theater Installation?

Home Theater

A home theater system installation is a multi-step process. With our process, we want to show our clients that we know what we’re doing and that we can make everything look great the way it's supposed to.

  • Survey/Consultation: We survey the areas you’re considering for your home theater setup or mounted TV. We’ll give you an honest opinion on how viable the location is, how much work it will take, and how much time we’ll take so you’re informed before we start.
  • Area Setup: We also make the adjustments to the area, so we know ahead of time where we can hide the wires and plugs.
  • Sound System Setup: Depending on the TV and sound system you want, we’ll either set up and install the sound system or mount the TV first. Some sound systems can come purely from the TV or can come from speakers installed around the room.
  • Mounted TV Installation: We’ll mount the TV to the wall, so it’s properly secured, and hide the wires so that you’ll never see a thing. All you will see is the screen on the wall.
  • Smart TV Setup: Depending on what services you want on your TV, we can set up your TV with the packages you want, or the streaming apps you have so it's ready to go. If you have a smart home, we can connect your home theater or mounted TV with your home automation setup.

It Doesn't Get Better than a Premier Satellite Communications Home Theater

Premier Satellite Communications takes pride in the work we do to provide Premier Satellite Communications home theater and install mounted TVs that complete people’s homes. To know that we’re a company you can trust, you can see how previous clients feel about the home theater system installations and mounted TV projects we’ve completed for them.Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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