Everyone needs the internet at home now that working from home is so prevalent. Even before we were working from home, nearly every form of entertainment requires some kind of internet connection. Whether you want to stream television, watch movies, play video games, or listen to music, it’s challenging to do so without the internet. But not everyone’s home network is strong enough to meet the quality we need. That’s why you upgrade.

With high-speed network installation, you can upgrade your home WiFi to perform better across all your devices. If you’re sick of your shows dropping in resolution, getting disconnected from your online games, or your Spotify playlist freezing before the end of a song, it’s time to upgrade your internet.

The other option is to use up your data and pay absorbent data costs, but that shouldn’t be necessary. If you’re unsure what home network installation entails, or who can do the job for a fair price, contact Premier Satellite Communications. We can help you do both.

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How Do You Get a High-Speed Home Network?

While home networks have never been faster in the United States, they’re still slower than in many other countries. The average is 42.86 megabytes per second (Mbps) across the country, and the state average of California is below that at 43 Mbps.

To improve your internet speeds, you can do several different things, but not all of them are affordable or equal. We offer to install devices that provide the best solutions, including:

  • Extending the Wifi range in your home. This should improve the internet speeds of devices that aren’t right next to your router or connected to your modem. Typically, once a device goes outside a certain range from the router and/or modem, its internet speed will drop. Extending this range will allow devices to move freely on your property with smaller, if any, drops in internet speed.
  • Optimizing your WAN capabilities.WAN stands for wide area networks. Unless your business has its own online service, you don’t have a WAN, you connect to them. When you optimize your WAN capabilities, your optimizing your ability to connect to them through your devices. This will speed up how you travel across the internet. To do this we can manually allocate parts of your home network’s throughput and bandwidth to the right areas.
  • Routing and switching your current internet service devices.Routers and modems are not meant to last forever. They’re only supposed to last up to 3 to 5 years, with most lasting closer to 3 years. As time goes on, online network technology improves and requires routers and modems to do more work. In addition, they’re made of parts that break down the more they’re used, and most internet service devices are always on. They naturally slow and break down, so it's important to replace them with modern devices to improve your network speeds. Having the best available will vastly improve your internet speeds, and we have partners that we can suggest.

How Fast is a High-Speed Home Network?

There are places around the U.S. and California that clobber the country and state averages and with optimized equipment, you can match them. We can install home networks of 100 Mbps. 100 Mbps is considered fast in most places in the U.S., but that’s not the limit. With the best modems and routers, you can potentially reach internet speeds of over 800 Mbps depending on where you live.

During a consultation, PSC can detail your home’s potential options and what would be possible in your area.

Home Network Installation for the Office

The workplace should require even faster internet than most homes. Workers need to be able to connect with everyone else in the office across the building, at instant speeds. If they communicate with partners and consumers, dropped video calls, slow emails, and frozen videos damage their productivity and the company's bottom line. A one-time high-speed network installation is much better than slowly dropping revenue.

If your business is consumer-facing, having high-internet speeds is attractive to consumers. Whether it's because you can respond to them faster, or because your location offers fast-acting internet, it helps keep your consumers happy. That can only lead to an increase in revenue.

So, if you need fast-performing internet for your business, PSC can help. We can offer suggestions for what internet devices will work best to meet your needs, and how we can install them in a way that least interrupts your business day.

Trust PSC to Handle Your Home Network Installation

With our help, you can experience internet speeds like never before. Spend less time waiting on the internet to catch up to you. Premier Satellite Communications can do several things to improve your internet speeds and internet service devices once you contact us. Contact us today for help installing a new and improved home network.

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